I Finally Moved

Hi everyone, happy new week and I wish you all a great and fun filled week ahead. Sorry I’ve been away for a while, was working on something I’m about to disclose to you. Guess what? I finally moved; well I moved from Alarakaris.wordpress.com to Alarakaris.com. I got my own personal domain and hosting.

Truth is, I wouldn’t have had enough balls to do this without support from you all. Your constant visits, comments and words of encouragement have done me a whole world of good.

We’ve come this far together and now that Alara Karis has moved, I don’t want to continue the journey alone. Kindly check out the blog on Alarakaris.com as this particular one will soon be set as private or even deleted.

Thank you all for being a family. Love you to Pluto and beyond.
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I really don’t think you can do that;
You’re way too old to have such a dream.

You don’t even have enough money to start out the project….bla-bla-bla
Well I don’t know about you but I sure have heard so many ranting about impossibilities and inability to be successful at several things I’ve set my heart to do.
But the irony about it is that ‘people will never cease from telling you what you can’t do “UNLESS YOU STOP DREAMING”

Ever envisioned a unique facility with walls made of glass, able to withstand an earthquake of magnitude 8.0, housing a pipe organ which is the fifth largest in the world and standing tall as one of the largest glass house church in the world?

Sounds like a mere wish, you might wanna say. But this is what happens when men with uniquely fashioned disposition like Dr. Robert H. Schuller refuses to take a ‘NO’ for an answer when it comes to bringing into reality a dynamic and outstanding picture of the mind which seems humanly impossible.


His saying “if it’s gonna be, then it’s up to me” is one I love a lot and is applicable in our world today especially as youths. Think of it this way: If a man can conceive an idea of building the largest glass-house in the world at age 42, how much more youths at their tender age?

We’ve got to live up to our positions as royal priesthoods, a holy nation, a peculiar people. But in order to achieve all these, we have to possess an exceptional disposition.

This disposition helps us see ourselves a million times bigger on the inside than on the outside.
We see ourselves in our rightful place as gods on the planet earth.

This gives us a certain kind of mindset “The mindset of the righteous, the mindset of Christ”. We move far beyond this physical world and realm to a realm that is neither affected by space nor time.


As for me, I don’t need no one telling me about what I can’t do, all I need is all that I have in the words my Father told me in Ephesians 3:20…………EXCEEDINGLY AND ABUNDANTLY ABOVE ALL I COULD EVER IMAGINE…………

What about YOU????



My life has experienced a great paradigm shift of recent. I wake up everyday with this great sense of satisfaction “one that comes based on knowing that purpose is being fulfilled gradually”.

I feel I can do anything I set my heart to to do, be whoever I wanna be and get anything I need to get. I feel like a great and dynamic power has been unleashed inside of me bringing with it a sense of confidence that never considers impossibility or failure an option.

Wonder where this came from? It’s from the realm of a conqueror, one who knows where she hails from and her right as a citizen of the heavenly globe.

Life will offer us a thousand and one reasons to give up in our pursuit of purpose, destiny and happiness but it’s left for us to give life just one single reason to stand firm in faith, gird firmly our loins, hold our heads up high and see our purpose through till the end.

I’ve come to realize that the only limitation I have is myself. I can either choose to lay low and just hang around for things to happen OR MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. All that I need is all that I have and that should be a point of beginning in the fulfillment of my purpose.

Take the bold step today, begin right from where you are. Don’t wait till that visualized day where you have all the resources you’ll ever need comes, start with the little you’ve got now. Make it one step at a time and every other thing will begin to fall in place in its own accord.

When we decide to live our dreams, the forces of nature combine to make sure everything we need to make it a reality is available at our disposal.



A person without self control is like a house with its doors and windows knocked out.
(Message Translation)



Self control is the quality that allows you to stop yourself from doing things you want to do but might not be in your best interest. It is an act of denying yourself, controlling your impulses.

self control 1


We all differ as individuals so this question requires several answers based on your person. Make a list of areas in your life where appropriate disciplinary measures need to be imbibed. It can be in areas of:

  • Spending
  • Eating habit
  • Relationship aspects e.t.c

The list is endless, take out time to make your own list.


  • Always learn to move opposite direction to your sensesselfcontrol2
  • Cultivate the habit of meditationselfcon
  •  Think of the future benefits


Other scriptures for self control

1cor 9:27, 2tim 2:1-7 (esv), prov 25:28

Thanks so much for stopping by

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I have found the recipe for being happy whether full of hungry,
hands full of hands empty.
Apostle Paul ( Phil 4:13 MSG)

Oftentimes, humans have always tied the true measure of happiness to an absolute sense of satisfaction and contentment. Ironically, it is discovered that those who have very little when compared to those who have much experience more happiness in their life time.
This is not to say that lack brings happiness or riches unhappiness. The secret simply lies in reveling in the supplies of the moment.

Happiness is a state of well being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy……Dictionary

At the end of it all, we realize that the true measure of happiness lies not in the fact that we have it all at our disposal what we need at every point in time; rather the fact that we have learnt the simple yet vital act of being contented amidst our wants and supplies, riches and lack, satisfaction and dissatisfaction.


Begin to create that happiness from within no matter the situation you may or may not be passing through. Only then can your life be filled with the glow and radiation which only a sense of inner peace can supply.

It Shouldn’t Trouble You

So I thought you guys should see this, was inspired. Originally posted on wegrowthroughothers.wordpress.com


It shouldn’t trouble you much if,

Your career is or is not exactly how you planned it in 10 years time,

It shouldn’t trouble you much if,

your job isn’t as fulfilling right now, or if your personal life is not where you wished it would be some day.

Really. Do you know why?

Because besides your bank account, your career, &

Besides your partner and personal insecurities:

Every day or every now and then, there is something You Are doing right.

Every now and then, you receive a hug, a call, a word, a look, a post, a new friendship, person or an incident, whereby one person you touched expresses their gratefulness for having You in their life this week, month, year.

Even the most “horrible” human beings… have done (a) good thing(s) that earned them a holiday card, a thank you note, a special nod, a coffee invitation…

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In The Bosom of Silence

Is this loneliness?
Or do I call it a mood swing
When all I hear and feel
Is my own heart beat.

Driving down into the deep hole of silence
Feels a bit scary at first
But gradually as it gets deeper
I see a twinkling star ahead.

A sudden surge of peace seems to overwhelm me
As I was led into the realm of discovery
With an entirely different light
I began to see myself so clearly.

Here I discovered what my existence is all ’bout
Not ’bout how I look,
Nor ’bout how I feel
Not even ’bout how others see me.

Rather, I found out something so intriguing,
That the true definition of my existence
Is all ’bout how I’ve chosen to see myself
Either through God’s eyes or through the world’s

About whose report I’ve chosen to believe
And how determined I am to take that bold step
And conquer my obstacles.

No where else would I have found this out
Not in the echo of voices,
Nor in the class of noises,