​Thought I had it all, but a vacuum remained

Thought I knew it all, but a knowledge eluded me

Completed the puzzle, yet a piece was missing

Deep down in my heart, something felt amiss
Saw you for the first time

I guess that’s all that was needed

For you to leave a lasting impression

Even though words weren’t involved
Your silence spoke volumes

Your actions left more to be craved for

Your presence filled a vacuum

Your smile set the butterflies loose
Some call it madness

Others love at first sight

Right or wrong, I know not

But for me, I call it enchantment
It’s not about the wealth of the universe

Or the influence of the elegant

It’s about your heart, like that of a child

But strong enough to leave me enchanted.


Growing up as a child and even till now, seeing monsters in movies kinda scares me. I still remember a particular movie I saw when I was about nine years old; it was a Nigerian movie (trust me, Nollywood monsters aren’t friendly at all, they leave you with nightmares for days). On going to bed that night, I actually saw the monster’s head right there beside me on the wall. I can’t even begin to tell you what happened next.

My point exactly?? Something about seeing monsters in movies is this ‘you’re taken aback at first, you close your eyes, sometimes too scared to continue watching’ but eventually you get over it and continue watching (you don’t want to miss out on the intriguing aftermath).

Here’s a confession, I have my familiar monster that rears its ugly head whenever I decide to do something for myself. This monster is in form of thoughts of inadequacy ‘you’re not good enough, you’ll never measure up amidst others’. But guess what, just like every monstrous movie I’ve seen; it’s scary at first but I can’t risk missing out on what follows.

We all have monsters that rear their ugly heads in our life’s script; but just like every monster in a movie, it’s just a scary moment that will pass. Close your eyes, scream, get scared but get back to it.

What’s your familiar monster?
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Hand in hand we walked

Oblivious of the one who stalked

Side by side we stood

At the fringe of the neighborhood
Your lips like a thread of scarlet my mouth savored

Your tongue tasting like a sweet of apple flavor

Your breath on my face

Sends warmth across my brain
Your touch, oh your touch

Sends me into an oasis of ecstasy

Eyes shut, standing on toes

With arms wrapped around your neck
Draw me into an abysm of sexual bliss my love

Ahoy! My brain will listen no more

Throwing caution out the wind

I prayed the moment would not abate
But just like a track in a disc

My heart skipped a beat

And like every song in my playlist

It came to an end with great relief

No particular title in mind

It’s a late post but there’s just something I can’t seem to get off my head at the moment.  I got talking about my blog with some friends and the first question they ask is ‘how much money are you making from it? And I’m like ‘ I didn’t start my blog with the soul aim of making money from it’. 

You can’t even begin to imagine their reaction with the questioning look that’s like ‘so what are you blogging for?? 

I’ve been faced with this kind of situation severally, people telling me what and what not to post on my blog.  So the question now is.. What’s the motive behind every blogger’s writings? Is it for popularity,  money or what have you. 

As for me,  I started this blog because I wanted to inspire people with my writings, share my thoughts in the best way I can; through my writings. 

What’s your motive?? 

What’s that thing you’re scared of doing?? Do it scared

The smile on my face right now as I’m typing this post has refused to cease. I guess I’ll smile all through; it’s not just an ordinary smile though. It’s because I know this post applies to me too. So, I present to you a post coming from someone who’s the number one victim :D.

What’s that thing you’re scared of doing?? Do it scared. We’ve all achieved goals at one point or the other in our lives; big goals, small ones, no matter the height. These goals have all led us to one thing in common ‘fulfillment’. 

It’s a good thing to look back and applaud ourselves once in a while but if we’re not careful, we’ll let go of dreams we’re too scared to act upon and dwell on the success of the ones we’ve achieved. What exactly do I mean??

We all have dreams that scare the hell out of us, or I should speak for myself. The one dream that scares the hell out of me is becoming a motivational speaker; the type that gets recorded and people get to see live. I’m scared of recording myself and posting on YouTube. Yea…that’s my own secret dream and guess what, I seem to be letting go of that dream the more I achieve others that seem pretty convenient for me to handle.

That’s what happens when we allow ourselves enjoy the comfort that comes with settling for what seems convenient at the detriment of what we can really achieve if we would only try.

What’s that dream that scares the hell out of you? Do it and do it scared anyways, it only gets better. Never for once loose sight of it for in it lies your greatness.

Well, I’m still scared😨 so if anyone has an antidote for my fright, kindly share.😘

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This post is dedicated to someone special to me who recently wasn’t granted an admission into the university. It feels really bad watching your friends attain certain height before you most especially when they tend to begin looking down on you.

Personally I faced a whole lot of pressure before gaining admission into college. The pressure sure wasn’t from people close to me but from my thoughts. I kept feeling bad for myself and it sort of affected my self esteem especially when I found myself in their midst.

Eventually, I learnt a very important lesson which is ‘I have a different life to live and lead from that of my friends and no matter how long it takes for me to attain the height they’ve attained, I’ll still get to my preordained destination’.

It’s easier said than done though but with time you’ll get to understand that its not how fast you attain your heights that really counts but how well you handle yourself within that period of time and also the impact you’re able to make on your world.

I’m saying so much at once so I think I’ll stop here before I type a full novel.

To you sweetheart, take heart and stay strong. God does have a plan for you and he’s never late.


I pick up my pen to write

Full of ideas and inspiration

The ink flows through my pen to the sheet; now filled with words

Words that flow from the bosom of my imagination.

I feel closer to the end with every single word penned down

And just when I feel like I’m almost there,

My pen stops, the words get exhausted

And I go B…L…A…N…K
That’s my experience once in a while. Everyone knows it as WRITERS’ BLOCK. There are times when I sit and write nonstop, there are also times when I sit, and sit, pace around, bit my pen, paint my sheet, scribble something I have no idea what it means; all to no avail.

Experiencing writers’ block for me used to be a really frustrating period. As time went on, I simply found a way around my writer’s block

This works like magic for me; anytime I’m stuck, I simply listen more and think less and before you know it, my pen keeps running once more and usually for a longer period of time.

How do you deal with your writers’ block? Kindly share in the comment box.

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